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Discover the Difference Nature Makes



Never Tested 

on Animals

Nature Is the source of our well-being. Something beyond our intelligence has created this magnificent and complex Universe.  As a Holistic Nutritionist and a Herbologist, Gabi Star, created this line with the intention of healing. This line is more holistic than just cosmetic. Each oil is derived from plants which have individual and specific healing properties.

This is a line which intends not just to make you beautiful but also healthy.

Our ingredients are sourced carefully from many different suppliers that import from many different countries. When we make our purchasing decisions, we always look at the sustainability and the ethical aspects of these imports. We try to avoid plastic to the best of our ability. We educate our customers about recycling. We are categorically against using artificial fragrances and colorants, fillers and binders which are detrimental to the balance of our eco-system.

Our products are not tested on animals. In fact the founder of this line supports a cruelty free life-style. Our beeswax is sourced sustainably from local, reliable, organic sources.

The founder of this product line learned beekeeping and adopted a vegan/vegetarian life style for many years.

Our perspective is simple: Every soul is a soul which is something sacred as we are all One and the One is everything.

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