This is a vegan replica of our best selling item. The only difference is the wax. In order to deliver a vegan product, we used candelilla wax, which has so many benefits.  In the morning, after shower, apply gently on your face, around your eyes, neck and chest. Give our product exclusivity for two weeks and do not mix with any other skin care products. That will allow you to see the full benefits of this cream. Please see below why we chose these specific oils for this product:  Babassu - same consistency as Coconut. Helps reduce cellure damage. Apricot - moisturizes, retains moisture. Candelilla Wax - from California, soothes and gives elasticity to the skin, Sacha inchi Oil - highest plant based omega 3 source. Regulates oil production, maintains elasticity, soothes and prevents inflammation, hydrates without clogging pores. Unrefined Hemp seed - moisturize without clogging pores. Aloe gel - antioxidants, vit A & C. Camellia oil - anti aging abilities, improves skin elasticity, prevents the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.  Green coffee oil - high in vitamin E, naturally stimulates the production of collagen. Vit E - moistures, reduces hyperpigmentation and reduces wrinkles. Perilla oil - helps treat ache, rich in omega 3. Tamanu - soothe and soften skin. Promote the formation of new tissue and healthy skin. Helps reduce eczema. 

Vegan Moisturizing and Nourishing Face (Universal) Cream 50

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